The Decade Has Been Over for Two Weeks

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I’m going to review my little sliver of the first decade of the 2000s now, because despite what many people think, it’s over. A lesson: a decade is 10 years, and this one started in 2000 and therefore ended when 2010 began. I love this, because in many ways, 2010 is the beginning of something for Chris and I, as we hope to be commissioned as missionary candidates this year. So, without further ado, the last decade, in “dots” as my Aussie friends would say:


  • I distinctly remember feeling very lame ringing in this historic New Year – too young to party, too old to enjoy hanging with my family.
  • Started dating my high school boyfriend, Greg, who made me very happy and very conflicted for 1.5 years. I learned a lot from this Mormon boy about love, faith, and obeying God.
  • Spent a life-changing summer in Resistencia, Argentina living with the most wonderful family. I spent mornings with sweet children in a slummy daycare, evenings playing sports with kids in the community and deaf college students, and weekends traveling one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever seen. Also had a little fling, and that’s all I’ll say about that.


  • Spent more time at church than ever before, praise the Lord.
  • Also spent more time doing homework and worrying about things like SATs, AP classes and where I would go to college than ever before.
  • Began regretting not spending the entirety of my sophomore year in Argentina.
  • After failing the driver’s test on “Rattle in Seattle” day, February 28 (also my 1-year anniversary with Greg), I finally got my driver’s license.
  • Spent 10 days with Greg and my grandparents on a road trip to Eugene and to see my dad, who was in prison in Ontario. That was… weird.
  • Watched the class full of all my best friends graduate in June, and felt very lonely and stupid for not making more friends in my own class.
  • My grandparents were supposed to fly to Greece on September 11, 2001, but I awoke to the radio DJ saying that all US airports were closed. I ran upstairs, woke my grandparents with the news, and we all watched in horror as the World Trade Centers began to collapse. My poor great grandma, who had been looking forward to her trip to Greece (homeland), was very distraught. She kept thinking that every replay was the towers getting hit all over again.
  • Went on a mission trip to Mexico and rededicated my life to Jesus.
  • Started getting to know my husband Chris, who had barely been a blip on my radar before (he was a volunteer youth leader).
  • Greg went to BYU for college, came home to take me to Homecoming, and I dumped him.
  • A week later I was with Chris.


  • Discovered I did have friends in my own class and grew very close with a few Christian friends, to whom I will be forever grateful.
  • Graduated high school!
  • Started college at University of Oregon.
  • Got engaged to Chris over Thanksgiving weekend at Daniel’s Broiler in Bellevue. Then, after we drove me back to Eugene for school, we hit a giant deer, crunching the front end of Chris’s beloved Suburu.


  • College, long-distance wedding planning, and Calvary Fellowship Eugene’s women’s Bible Study are my LIFE.
  • Chris got laid off, we had a giant blowout fight with my family that reduced me to tears and ended with Chris hugging every single of my relatives, including my grandpa’s siblings and their children.
  • We put the wedding off for a year, much to my 19-year-old self’s relief.
  • This school year I lived at the CRISTUS House on Potter street. Loved that place.


  • Moved in with my BFF Janiece and three other girls. A couple months later, we all moved to a safe apartment where we didn’t find deck chairs by our window in the morning. *creepy!*
  • Got hit by a car while riding my bike on campus and was on crutches for two weeks. It’s really hard to get to class on time when you have to walk across campus with crutches.
  • School, school, school. Took a summer Economics class in Bellevue and got a killer grade on my paper about how successful Ronald Regan was as president. Yes!
  • Got married July 10 and honeymooned in Jamaica.
  • Went back to Oregon, without my new husband, to finish school. 🙁


  • School, school, school.
  • Long-distance marriages suck.
  • Marriages of your best friends in the world that fall apart also suck and are difficult to deal with.
  • But God is faithful and good and demonstrates it all the time.
  • My grandpa lost his three year battle with colon cancer when it metastasized to his liver. I understand he was saved on his death bed and I cannot wait to see him again.
  • Graduated from college and finished my degree with a couple classes in the first summer term. Then, I moved home to live with my husband!


  • We spent our first year together working and getting to know each other again.
  • I lost 30 pounds with Weight Watchers.
  • Went to Mexico as youth leaders with Eastgate Bible Fellowship.
  • Man. What did we DO in 2006?


  • We spent January 9-19 on a glorious vacation in Hawaii.
  • I was a real career woman in 2007. I worked in public relations, commuted by bus to Seattle, and went to the gym three times a week.


  • Work began to get very difficult this year, and I experienced my first panic attack, a very physical experience with shivers, shaking, crying and irrational fear.
  • I was let go from my public relations position in March, one day before we were to leave for Mexico with our youth group. That day, I came home, updated my resume, and applied for three jobs. I had a week of vacation payout, but Chris was taking the week unpaid, so our church covered the money we were losing by going to Mexico at all. On our way to Mexico, I got a call from Christian Veterinary Mission and scheduled an interview for the day after we got back. I called that “hope to hold onto.”
  • I started my dream job at Christian Veterinary Mission April 10, 2008. Although the commute was sometimes over an hour, I loved that job tremendously and learned copious design, marketing and development skills.
  • A beloved sister-in-Christ took her own life on August 8, a tragic event that changed the fabric of our church in a mighty way. A mighty and glorious way – just like our God.


  • Lost above dream job in January. Wailed for days about the loss, but also discovered the joys of Domestic Rose. Domestic Rose is not sleep-deprived. She exercises, cooks delicious dinners, keeps a clean house and has a better attitude. She is not late to appointments, and she spends her free time helping out needy families.
  • Domestic Rose, aka, FUNemployment, lasted 8 months. Sometimes it was hard, mostly it was wonderful.
  • WENT TO SPAIN! That’s what this site is all about people. Click the Spain category. Also started the ABWE application for career missionary service.
  • Started my fantastic job at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound in August. I am so grateful to have a great job supporting a mission about which I am passionate.

What will 2010 bring?

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