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This weekend I spent a lovely evening with two of my closest gal pals, pictured here. We’ve made a tradition (sort of) out of spending an evening painting pottery for each other as Christmas gifts. It’s so much fun, because we get to spend time together, spend money on each other, and go home with a special reminder of a special friend. At the First Annual BFF Pottery Painting, we painted vases. Chrissy (far right) made one for me, I made one for Heather (center), and Heather made one for Chrissy. I love it when people comment on my vase, because it’s an opportunity to tell them about my friend!

It’s also a neat opportunity to see our personalities in action. Both Heather and Chrissy were already halfway done with their design when I finished getting the edges perfectly painted. Chrissy noted my “dedication to fundamentals.” So true. Then, when I finally started the center of the platter, a plaid pattern, I hated it. I am afraid of the main part… the limelight. Again, so true.

This year we made platters. The evening was extra special because there was a big birthday party at a nearby table for a girl who must have been turning 8 or 9. These little girls saw that Chrissy was painting the Space Needle on her platter for our favorite Seattle-lover, and they could not stop gushing!

Little girl to her friends: That’s really pretty. Isn’t that pretty? I really like that.

Chrissy: Thank you

Little girl: It looks just like the Space Needle!

Chrissy: Thank you. (looking up at us with a conspiring smile)

The thing that was so neat about the experience was that we could tell these girls were looking up to us, and all three of us felt we lived lives that were admirable and imitable.

I hope that at least three of those little girls are still painting pottery together in 15 years.

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  • This was a very sweet entry Rose! Thank you so much for sharing it. Love you!

  • Aw, fun! I paint pottery with my friends as well. 🙂